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Our principal business is providing one-stop-shop solutions to companies in the consumer durable industry in India. We offer integrated design and manufacturing solutions for local and internationally recognised consumer durables, home appliances brands. We have the ability to manufacture most of these products from the concept and design stage till the final delivery thereby covering the entire value chain.
Having extensive experience in developing new designs, integrating latest technologies, efficiently utilising our manufacturing facilities, equipment and materials across the verticals of consumer durables, we are able to constantly improve our product offerings, structure and functional design so as to meet our customers’ needs.
We offer end to end product solutions under two business models, i.e., the OEM and ODM. Under the OEM model, we provide services ranging from global sourcing, manufacturing, quality testing and packaging to logistics to OEMs across our product verticals. Under the ODM model, we develop and design products in-house at our R&D centre and then undertake manufacture and supply of these products to companies in India who in turn distribute these products under their own brands.

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